The future of energy?
Today, we consume a truly vast amount of energy - with demand continuing to skyrocket at a...
published: 30 Jul 2012
Alternate Energy Sources
There is abundance of energy on earth, but these corporations and their profit based syste...
published: 18 Jul 2009
Stop Motion Film: Renewable vs NonRenewable Energy Sources
This quick stop motion film asks & answers the question what makes an energy source renewa...
published: 06 Feb 2012
Renewable Energy and the Energy Transition
The world is driven by fossil fuels like oil and gas. This has some negative repercussions...
published: 25 Sep 2012
author: weareedeos
Cost of Solar Panels - Alternative Energy Sources
Cost of Solar Panels and Alternative Energy: http://discountlink.net/alternative-solar-ene...
published: 08 Jan 2013
Cheap, Sustainable, Unlimited Energy - The End of Polluting Energy Sources?
Come discuss this at: https://www.facebook.com/Pursuit.of.Knowledge An utterly fascinating...
published: 05 Mar 2012
An Introducton to Alternative Energy Sources
Video 2 / 3 of the Green Futures Project educational video series. For more information, p...
published: 04 Jun 2011
What sources of energy will the world run on in 2035?
The world is growing more and more hungry for energy. By 2035 global demand for energy may...
published: 29 Jul 2011
author: IEAEnergy
Animation of Renewable Energy Sources
published: 12 Apr 2011
Environmental Science: Non-Renewable Energy Sources
Episode 2: Continuing with Environmental Science, we'll be taking a look at some of the no...
published: 27 Nov 2012
author: Mr10orLess
Renewable Energy Sources - HOJO Free Magnetic Energy Device - Old Invention New Product
http://www.HomeMagnetGenerator.com tutorial and testimony of building a magnetic free ener...
published: 12 Nov 2013
Solar Energy of the Future - Renewable Energy Revolution 2014
This is the Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator discovered by German architect André...
published: 03 Jan 2014
Sources Of Energy
Check us out at http://www.tutorvista.com/content/science/science-ii/sources-energy/introd...
published: 04 May 2010
author: TutorVista
A New Energy Source - Blacklight Power
Hey everybody, this is history in making ... Rowan University replicates BlackLight's new ...
published: 26 Oct 2008
author: ifreed0m
Vimeo results:
Renewable Energy Source: Wind
narrated by Joseph Szokoli music by Ben Gibert http://www.myspace.com/thecountofeverest h...
published: 25 Apr 2012
author: Linda Shirar
Governador task 6 Startgate & 2 transitions with Richard G.
THe battery of the spycam lasted longer than usual, maybe Richard is an energy source?...
published: 24 Jan 2014
Small World Energy
Sequel "World Energy Crisis" - https://vimeo.com/73562555 A transition of the worlds ener...
published: 29 Dec 2010
REPLENISHING OUR RESERVOIRS Snow pack and rain combined to supply a rich resource of water...
published: 09 Apr 2012
author: JOSE ORTIZ

Youtube results:
Environmental Science: Renewable Energy Sources
The first episode of '10 or Less', an educational podcast series where I take a boring lon...
published: 27 Nov 2012
Energy Sources - Geography Video #5
A video on the different energy sources used to provide us with energy. The song is called...
published: 23 Apr 2010
author: coolchris99
Alternative Energy Resources
A short documentary on the role of alternative energy in our present times and our future....
published: 09 May 2010
How do different types of Renewable Energy work?
published: 15 Sep 2013
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